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Bringing decades of practical in-house, business oriented compliance solutions to your company
Someone believing they are “below the radar” on compliance is not an effective strategy.

Francisco [Frank] Rivas, Esq. is the owner and principal of Compliance Risk Solutions [“CRS”] helping the pharmaceutical and medical device industry create and maintain OIG and FDA appropriate compliance programs that protect and build market share and corporate value.

In only one year [fiscal year 2015], the United States government recovered $2.2 billion from industry, health care providers, and health care institutions for compliance related violations or fraud. Additionally, they brought almost 700 civil actions and 925 criminal actions.

The government also imposed what has been described as the “death penalty” of exclusion from participation in any government funded health care program against 4112 individuals or institutions.

While staggering, the above does not represent the true cost of non-compliance. The disruption (and legal fees) to your business to deal with an investigation and remedial action; loss of reputation and market value of your business will add challenges that can take years from which to recover. Someone believing they are “below the radar” on compliance is not an effective strategy.

What Sets Us Apart

Compliance Risk Solutions brings decades of practical in-house experience to your compliance program. Frank’s in-depth understanding of compliance in a competitive industry can help shape your commercial, clinical, regulatory and quality programs in a way that minimizes risk while achieving your corporate goals. What sets Compliance Risk Solutions apart from others is the practical in-house experience of establishing and operating an effective compliance program in strong collaboration with the marketing, sales, and other operational teams.

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Francisco was one of the best compliance officers I have ever worked with! He has such a great approach to compliance and effectively being able to still run a business at the same time. I enjoyed working with Francisco on the many projects we shared!‬‬‬

Steve Malsom

FP&A Operations Manager, and Strategic Planner